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Heat Treat Services

   Here at Precise Metal Products we pride ourselves on striving for the highest quality thermal processing standards in accordance with AMS 2750 and AMS 2769. We are NADCAP accredited for aluminum, austenitic and PH grade steels, nickel and cobalt alloys, and other like materials. Some of the industry standards comprise of AMS 2759, AMS 2770, and AMS 2774. We are also approved for a variety of proprietary processing specifications for the prime commercial and military manufacturers in variable industries.

   Our capabilities include but are not limited to; full and partial annealing, solution and quenching treatments, stabilization, stress relieving, and precipitation heat treatments. PMP can run in air and more sensitive protective environments.

   Our air atmosphere furnace is qualified at class 2 (± 10ºF), using instrumentation type C, for a temperature range of 600-1100ºF; with or without the use of water quenching applications. Our workzone (capacity) is up to 36” wide by 36” high by 72” deep.

   Our air atmosphere walk-in oven is also qualified at class 2 using instrumentation type C. The qualified temperature range is 300-400ºF with a workzone up to 48” wide by 72” high by 72” deep.

 Our vacuum furnace has a full range class 3 (±15ºF) qualification and utilizes instrumentation type B. The temperature range is 1000-2200ºF with a workzone up to 36” wide by 32” high by 48” deep. The hot zone is comprised fully of molybdenum for the cleanest potential processing available. We can treat products under full vacuum (sub-micron levels) and/or using partial pressure (argon backed) based on your processing needs. Our equipment has the ability to gas argon quench and/or vacuum cool as well.

   We have an 85” wide by 83” high by 131” deep walk-in refrigerator capable of holding the product in the as-quenched (W) condition. This provides our customers the ability for PMP to manufacture complex profiles that would typically need to be transported back and forth between a fabrication shop and an outside processor.

   PMP is also NADCAP accredited for hardness testing in accordance with ASTM E 18. This offers our provided services the necessities to test to customer and industry standards.



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